Rosa Sepple PRI

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Rosa Sepple PRI is a self-taught artist, starting her painting career in the late 1990’s.
She is the President of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour (PRI), the first female to hold the prestigious position in the Institutes 187 year history, and is committed to producing exciting, vibrant and highly original figurative works combining observation, memory and imagination.
Rosa’s compositions have a powerful visual strength and refreshing spontaneity created with experimental techniques using a combination of mediums including water colour, acrylic, gouache and ink as well as collage to produce beautiful textured surfaces and rich variations of colour and tone.
Most of her inspiration is drawn from ordinary people and everyday experiences and events. These are then transformed and transported into a dream-like world of her own.
Above all else, Rosa Sepple’s unique style brings a whimsical feel to her paintings. People appear to float or fly in her work and architecture leans or topples in magical directions to compliment a composition.
Pushing artistic boundaries at every possible opportunity, Rosa Sepple’s sense of adventure, colour and spirit continually shines out. After her 2015 critically acclaimed solo London Exhibition ‘Out Of The Blue’ Rosa Sepple PRI has assembled this most recent collection of work to be showcased at the Mall Galleries in September 2017. (26th September to 1st October 2017, Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1)
'A little Romance' 76x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'moment like this' Rosa Sepple PRI (small)
'Afternoon nap' 38x28-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'All Girls Together' 56x38cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Alley Cat' 28x76cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Bedtime Bliss' 76x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Bella' 56x76cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Best Friends Forever' 38x28cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Bobby's Girl' 76x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Bubbly' 56x76cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Carnival Couple' 48x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Cat Woman' 56x38cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'City lovers' 102x81cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Coastal footpath' 56x38cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Dartmouth' 76x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Deserted beach huts' 70x50cm-Rosa Seppl PRI(small)
'Dinner Party' 102x81cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Fab Four' 38x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Fairy Dust' 38x51cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Falling in love for the very first time' 76x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Fishnets'56x70-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Girls will be Girls' 56x38cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Glitter Ball' 76x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Good Time Girls' 76x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Harbour Wall' 56x38cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Having Fun on the Dance Floor' 28x38cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'I Gatti di Venezia' 38x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'I think I'm in love' 38x56cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Il Cielo Rosa' (Pink Sky)37x38cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Just the three of us' 28x19cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
L'amour en Paris' 56x38cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)
'Lady Madonna' 18x28cm-Rosa Sepple PRI(small)